Starwatch has been designing and producing smarewatches since 2015 for clients in China and internationally. We take our engineering seriously and while we are not at liberty to disclose our clients, rest assured, we have designed some pretty sophisticated smartwatches.

Starwatch has recently been acquired by the Aisensys Group and in this instance, we can disclose the details of our latest Aisensys smartwatch for the health care sector.


Size: 48 x 42 x 13mm Round
WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, Memory LCD, 8 Colours, GPS+LBS, Activity, 3D G-Sensor, Heart Rate, BPM, Sleep Monitoring, Waterproof IP67, Cellular, SOS, Microphone / Speaker, 300mAh, 7 – 10 Days uptime with normal 24/7 use.

Key Features:

SOS – activates GPS with MIC recording and instantly uploads data to inform key persons with activated APP or Call Centre.
Automatically connects to medical and health measurement devices such as blood pressure, glood glucose, blood oxygen, temperature, weight
Data is stored in secure servers with blockchain technology to be incorporated